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Quel est le point commun entre les films suivants ?
"Out of Africa", "Propositions indécentes",
, "Un lion en hiver", "Cotton Club", Macadam cowboy" ou encore "Danse avec les loups"... 

Vous avez trouvé la réponse ?

Vous avez trouvé la réponse ?

Réponse  : "Toutes les musiques de ces films ont été composées par le célèbre John Barry, l'homme aux 5 Oscars."

Bravo ! 

Retrouvez les musiques de films de 
John Barryle poète musicien libre et authentique

dans son nouveau coffret de 4 CDs "Themependium

sorti en juin 2007 :

Disc 1

1  The James Bond Theme (From "Dr. No.")
2  From Russia With Love
3  007
4  Goldfinger - Shirley Bassey
5  A Man Alone (The Ipcress File)
6  Thunderball - Tom Jones
7  Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Thunderball) - Shirley Bassey
8  Vendetta
9  Danny Scipio Theme (Vendetta)
10 Wednesday's Child (The Quiller Memorandum)
11 Sleep Well My Darling
12 You Only Live Twice - Nancy Sinatra
13 Space March (You Only Live Twice)
14 On Her Majesty's Secret Service
15 We Have All The Time In The World (OHMSS) - Louis Armstrong
16 The More Things Change
17 Diamonds are Forever - Shirley Bassey
18 The Persuaders Theme (From The TV Series)
19 Follow Follow (Follow Me)
20 The Adventurer (from the TV series)
21 The Man With The Golden Gun - Lulu
22 Where Are You? (Moonraker) - Shirley Bassey
23 All Time High (Octopussy)
24 A View To A Kill - Duran Duran
25 The Living Daylights - A-Ha
26 The Specialist

Disc 2

1  What Do You Want - Adam Faith
2  Hit & Miss
3  Beat For Beatniks
4  Walk Don't Run
5  Black Stockings
6  The Menace
7  Cutty Sark
8  The Human Jungle (from the TV series)
9  Fancy Dance
10 Elizabeth (Elizabeth Taylor In London)
11 The Syndicate
12 What A Question
13 How Much Of The Dream Comes True - Francesca Annis
14 Barbra's Theme
15 The Girl With The Sun In Her Hair
16 Afternoon
17 Orson Welles' Great Mysteries (from the TV series)
18 I Missed The Last Rainbow - (Billy) / Michael Crawford
19 Some Of Us Belong To The Stars - (Billy) / Michael Crawford
20 The Glass Menagerie
21 Moviola
22 The Beyondness Of Things - English Chamber Orchestra
23 Kissably Close - English Chamber Orchestra
24 A Childhood Memory
25 Slow Day

Disc 3

1  Beat Girl
2  Never Let Go
3  Zulu - Main Title Theme
4  Séance On A Wet Afternoon
5  Four In The Morning
6  The Knack
7  King Rat March (King Rat)
8  The Wrong Box
9  The Chase
10 Born Free - Matt Monro
11 The Whisperers
12 Dutchman
13 My Love Has Two Faces (Deadfall) - Shirley Bassey
14 The Lion In Winter (Main Title)
15 Boom!
16 The Appointment
17 Midnight Cowboy
18 Fun City (Midnight Cowboy)
19 Try
20 Who Will Buy My Yesterdays
21 Florida Fantasy (Midnight Cowboy)
22 Walkabout
23 The Good Times Are Coming (Monte Walsh) - Mama Cass
24 The Last Valley - Crouch End Festival Chorus, Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
25 Mary, Queen Of Scots
26 Curiouser And Curiouser (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)
27 Sail The Summer Winds (The Dove)
28 Play It Again (The Tamarind Seed)

Disc 4

1  Are You In There? (Main Theme from `King Kong') - Andy Williams
2  Theme from The Deep (Down Deep Inside) - Donna Summer
3  Somewhere In Time
4  Raise The Titanic
5  Body Heat
6  Frances
7  Until September
8  The Cotton Club
9  I Had A Farm In Africa (Out Of Africa)
10 Jagged Edge
11 Peggy Sue's Homecoming (Peggy Sue Got Married)
12 The John Dunbar Theme - (Dances With Wolves)
13 Journey To The Buffalo Killing Ground (Dances With Wolves)
14 Chaplin - Main Theme
15 My Life: Love Theme
16 Coney Island (Across The Sea Of Time)
17 Cry, The Beloved Country
18 Scarlet Letter - End Title
19 Simon's Theme (Mercury Rising)
20 Remembering Chet (Playing By Heart)
21 Enigma (Main Title) - Members of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra


Outre-Manche, le jeudi 21 juin 2007, 

(pendant que de notre côté de la Manche nous célèbrerons la Fête de la musique, si sympathique, réjouïssant et festif concept musical inventé chez nous en France),

John Barry est annoncé en "Special Guest" d'un concert de l'Orchestre Philharmonique de Londres
à Londres en Angleterre,
au Royal Festival Hall.


Concert à 7:30 PM heure locale.
Autre invité spécial de la soirée :
Jarvis Cocker
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